Saint's Log


Installing Isabelle 2011

I've spent the past few days making a few skills strides - I finally buckled down and learned how to use Emacs. The tutorial felt somewhat long but was worthwhile. Having discovered how easily I can set margins and have my text automatically wrap at 80 characters has made me a convert! Interesting since Emacs is a program I simply never thought was worth the time until I decided to try out the Isabelle theorem prover. I grabbed the 32-bit Linux bundle, ran the simple commands listed on the download page, and was up and running.

tar -xzf Isabelle2011-1_bundle_x86-linux.tar.gz
Isabelle2011-1/bin/isabelle emacs

Having completed my Emacs tutorial, I then worked through the Basic Script Management portion of the Proof General User Manual. These tasks were sufficient to prepare me for my task of analysing some proofs from The Archive of Formal Proofs.