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You can call me wesongathedeveloper. I am a Malone University (B.A., class of '08 - Computer Science and Mathematics). I have a rather gratuitous interest inĀ  theoretical computer science and programming and I eat spammers for breakfast. I also spend a significant chunk of my free time looking at Mozilla code (bugs filed today, and bugs resolved today).

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  1. Hello Saint,

    I was looking at this firefox bug: and it seems that you submitted a correct patch. First of all thank you very much for this much needed patch! This bug really prevents all kinds of caching/optimization in firefox.

    Unfortunately it seems that the reviewer asked you to rewrite it using CheckedInt stuff. So I am just wondering if you are going to do that? I mean if you need some extra motivation then I can tell you that this is really great deal for us here! I would say that it’s basically a show stopper. Please, please, if you have some time, could you resubmit it with those CheckedInt? I would do it myself if you say you will never do it, but I just would like to ask you first, because for me it would be an undertaking, I had never tried to build firefox before and completely unfamiliar with the codebase.

    Thank you!

  2. Hey Dmitry,

    Thanks for your note. I will try to get an updated patch up in the next week or two and hopefully that can resolve the bug.


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